Care and Use Guide


care and use guide
terrafina - stoneware by ceramirupe

Thank you for choosing Terrafina – stoneware by ceramirupe products.
Please read this “Care and Use” guide carefully before first use and follow our instructions to help you preserve and better take care of your product.

Terrafina – stoneware by ceramirupe products are produced in porcelanic stoneware, from the finest available natural resources, they have a high resistance to thermal shock (up to 180ºC) and withstanding a range of temperatures (between -20ºC and 200ºC).
All Terrafina – stoneware by ceramirupe products comply with international food safety standards. They do not contain cadmium or lead.


Overall, our products are:

  • Are microwave safe (except products with gold, silver or platinum decors)
  • Oven safe (up to 220º)
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Fridge and freezer safe
  • Scratch resistant when using cutlery 


Care and Use:

  • Before first use, wash and dry your items;
  • If using the dishwasher, always allow the wash cycle to reach its end before removing the items;
  • Avoid placing hot items on cold or wet surfaces. Use a heat resistant trivet;
  • Avoid putting items into a preheated oven directly from the fridge or freezer. Defrosting and heating should be done gradually;
  • When using your item in the oven, place them in the centre of the oven on a rack;
  • Avoid placing your items directly on top of heat sources such as flame or electric stoves and cooktops;
  • When using the dishwasher, avoid placing your items in direct contact with others; 
  • We recommend hand washing larger and/or more delicate items;
  • Avoid dragging and sliding the items on/over each other so as not to scratch the surface.


Should your items have gold:

  • Avoid storing your pieces inside their packages, to avoid gold oxidation;
  • In case of oxidation, you can clean your item with a soft, dry flannel and/or with a mild metal cleaning product (before use, we recommend that the cleaning product be tested on a small area of your item). Wash and dry thoroughly to remove traces of the cleaning product.
  • Avoid using items with gold in the microwave. As gold is a metal, it may give off sparks when in contact with your microwave’s electromagnetic radiation and in turn, damage your equipment. 
  • We recommend hand washing the items with soft sponge or pad and mild detergents.
  • If you choose to wash in a dishwasher, we recommend using short cycles at low temperatures.


Should you have additional queries regarding our products, please contact our customer service at