Sustainability Policy

Terrafina – stoneware by Ceramirupe, takes pride in being an eco-conscious brand and working an all-natural, eco-friendly product. Our items are made from inert, non-polluting raw materials that have an extremely long lifecycle. They come from the Earth at the very beginning and go back to the Earth at the very end with very little processing involved so their environmental impact is minimal when compared with other materials. 

  • Our products are long lasting, eco-friendly and reusable.
  • The use of all-natural raw materials, sourced locally guarantees the high quality of Terrafina’s products and minimizes our carbon footprint.
  • Our products are made using a high percentage of recycled and reclaimed materials (clay, glaze and water), reducing the use of energy and natural resources.
  • Our shapes are developed in such a way that they complement each other. They can be combined with one another in different ways to fashion distinct collection options thus providing better production flows, reducing waste, material and energy consumption. 
  • Our glazes are all food safe and free of hazardous chemicals and/or polymers;
  • Our products meet both US and EU food safety requirements;
  • Our products are packed and shipped in cardboard boxes and eco-friendly polymer-free recycled materials.

Terrafina – stoneware by ceramirupe is committed to building a better future in a better world. 


Social Responsibility

Making porcelanic stoneware products in a socially responsible environment is key for Terrafina – stoneware by ceramirupe. We promote and encourage environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices amongst our employees and business partners. 

Building social well-being is at the heart of our business. We aim to positively influence the social and economic progress of the community in which we operate by attracting, developing and retaining local talent and through the promotion of equal opportunities, gender equality and social inclusion practices.