Terrafina stoneware by Ceramirupe

Difference creates harmony

Situated amidst nature in Portugal, where mountain verdant tree tops touch the blue skies, Terrafina – stoneware by ceramirupe appears to entice and conquer the world.

A Portuguese brand, born from the knowhow of one of Portugal’s renowned stoneware manufacturers, Ceramirupe, a company that has over 30 of experience in making ceramics for the 4 corners of the world. 


Love · Humanism · Quality

Our priority is to offer a range of high quality products that is categorized into collections of different identities and styles that can appeal to an ample range of tastes and that work well individually or coordinated with each other. As in Nature “difference creates harmony”.

Finding two items exactly alike will not be easy once each piece is endowed with a unique and inimitable personality. 



A special brand because it’s products carry with them the immense value of the passion and care that go into them, from the moment of their conception, to the rigors of their highly manual production, to the unique and totally personalized packaging.

Terrafina – stoneware by ceramirupe’s products are so much more than just mere ceramic objects, they are the embodiment of love, affection and techniques with which the brand works to be able to grant you memorable moments with high quality, porcelanic stoneware products that are made in Portgual. Our concept is based on the idea of offering yourself or that special someone something truly unique. 

Porcelanic Stoneware
Porcelanic Stoneware

TERRAFINA – stoneware by ceramirupe works with pure stoneware, which after being shaped and worked by the hands ceramists, gives life to unique and special organic items. This, allied to the magic of reactive glazes, give way to the unique individual personality of each item. 

Our porcelanic stoneware characteristics grant each piece the possibility of being used in the microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer.